Arctica II (and Arctica by new owner)

- two fantastic steel sailboats for charter at Spitsbergen!

For avaiability look here: Updated 31.03.2018

! Resent videos - filmed by Paul Wolff last summer:

! Warning - the availability of Arctica II is now very limited the next three years. She is so popular that you have to make up your mind very early and reserve your preferred charter period almost two years ahead!! We continously update the Availability page.

UPDATE: Before you read ahead I just inform that I have sold Arctica to a new owner. For now you can still charter Arctica because the new owner will continue operations here at Svalbard. They also will hire the same skippers as I have used. For now you can contact us for requests and we will arrange contact between you and the new owner. Please have a look at the Availability page.

If you and your group have any plans of operating on or around Spitsbergen you should consider chartering one of our boats. Arctica was built in 1997 in Denmark and has since then been sailing up here every summer season. In 2003 we bought her and continued hiring her out to scientists and other groups. Arctica II was built in Arendal, Norway in 2004. 2012 we bought her and sailed her all the way to Spitsbergen in April. She was fully booked already the first summer season.

Many different kinds of groups have chartered our boats sins we started this activity in 2003. Small groups of scientists and pro photographers like Arctica. Larger groups who prefer a shower after the landings, high comfort, five separate cabins - all with private facilities - choose Arctica II. The last seasons our boats have been very popular among locals living in Longyearbyen wanting to organize their own private tour around the archipelago. In most cases this is a cheaper and a much more flexible way of experiencing Svalbard than joining an organized trip.

The boats are built for extreme conditions, 6mm steel hull, 80mm foam insulation, central water heating, lots of fuel in case of bad sailing conditions, almost unlimited range, lots of engine power, pulling large Zodiacs, Polar bear proof.

Both boats are located at Spitsbergen all year round. In winter they are put on shore because of the harsh climate. Early May they are pushed into sea again. This means that the season is very long compared with other boats visiting Svalbard only in the short summer season.

Arctica can be chartered bareboat if at least two of the group members can prove extended sailing experience. If not she is chartered out only if you also hire one of our experienced sailors.

Arctica II can only be chartered together with our experienced crew - one or two, dependent of the experience of the group.

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Heinrich Eggenfellner, Longyearbyen 31.03.2018