S/Y Arctica - 49 feet - max 6 participants

The yacht is perfect for scientific expeditions around the archipelago. Scientists can live aboard and work from the yacht for several weeks with great comfort and efficiency. It is possible to bring one or two Zodiacs for day trips from the yacht. We can arrange rental of such boats in Longyearbyen.

The last 20 seasons the yacht has been chartered by several scientific institutions for both marine biology and geology projects. Also film teams and photographers have chartered the yacht for nature / wildlife projects. Private groups (friends) have had several fantastic expeditions arount the archipelago.

The minimum charter period is seven days. Included is the boat complete and ready for departure, diesel, one Zodiac MK II for short trips out from Arctica, and for landings etc. Food not included (can be arranged by us - NOK xxx,- per day per pax).

The charter price per day (On request)

The price is bareboat. If you can not prove that at least two of the crew members have extended sailing experience we will include an experienced sailor for the same price. However, max number of participants are then only five. Your group have to arrange food also for "our man".

The boat is fully insured, also for charters, in Pantaenius.